About Us

Marketing is multi-dimensional, ever-evolving and time consuming, but the rewards are immeasurable if you’re doing it right! Peachiie partners with businesses of any size, bringing forward modern ideas and strategy to deliver agency quality results without the associated, hefty fees. At the end of the day, behind every recognized brand is a marketing success story.

Our mission is to bring your brand’s story to life,
no matter the size of your bite! 

Who We Are

Libbie Junker | Co-founder

Libbie’s roots run deep into Stillwater, Minnesota. Holding roles in corporate, business-to-business organizations, Libbie’s experience ranges from graphic design, social media strategy and campaign/project management to CRM, email automation and  lead generation. Libbie’s passion lies in bringing the details to life. Afterall,  “Success is the sum of details!”

Christina Underkoffler | Co-founder

A Stillwater, Minnesota native, Christina has an expansive local network specializing in the smaller, business-to-consumer arena. Her expertise ranges across various aspects of Marketing, Public Relations, content creation, design and more. Christina’s passion lies in painting the big picture. Afterall, “Think big, success will follow!”